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Water by the Spoonful*

Nancy T. Hansen Theatre

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN

April 2020

*Information and documentation prior to COVID-19 cancellation can be found below

Production Sound Engineer

Playwright: Quiara Alegría Hudes

Director: Ann M. Shanahan

Sound Designer: Barry G. Funderburg

Associate Sound Designer: Adam Lewis

I assisted the Sound Designer and Associate Sound Designer in planning calibration for the production. My responsibilities also included preparing the Q-SYS Designer DSP file and the Yamaha DM2000 control file.

In Water by the Spoonful, we find Odessa Ortiz, aka "Haikumom," leading a chat room for recovering drug addicts. Throughout the play, these individuals bond through their struggles seen through interaction both online and in the real world. Quiara Alegría Hudes’ play is a powerful look at exploring our own humanity, the meaning of family, and the burdens we carry to protect those we love.

Q-SYS Designer Screenshots

Click each photo for more

Q-SYS Designer Full DSP
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Core Inputs
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Signal Processing
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Amplifiers and Speaker Outputs
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Amplifier Control
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