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Songs for a New World*

STAR Bank Performing Arts Center

Zionsville, IN

November 2020

*This production was recorded utilizing masks, social distancing, and restrictions on equipment usage. No students nor staff contracted COVID-19 throughout the rehearsal and production processes. The recorded performance premiered via livestream and in-person with social distancing.

Assistant Recording Engineer, Sound Board Operator

Playwright: Jason Robert Brown

Director: Sam Chenoweth

Recording Engineer: Isaac Spillman

I assisted the Recording Engineer loading in equipment used in multi-tracking recording sessions that spanned across five days. Both live musicians and actors were recorded in scheduled sessions and each track was edited for video. My responsibilities also included being the Sound Board Operator, Monitor Engineer, and reviewing tracks during post-production.

Masks were only removed by cast members singing within their booth. Equipment was not shared between cast members or staff throughout this process.

Originally produced Off-Broadway at the WPA Theatre in 1995, Songs for a New World is a musical written and composed by Jason Robert Brown. Rather than following the format of a traditional musical, this production is a series of seemingly unrelated songs connected by one theme: "The Moment of Decision." Each song introduces new characters faced with their own Moment of Decision.

Songs for a New World Promotional Video

Audio Recorded by John Chung and Isaac Spillman

Video Recorded by Chris Zurisk

Audio/Video Edited by Isaac Spillman

Production Photos

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