Making Mansfield

Radio Drama

May 2019


Dave Ramsey and Newscaster

Abi Wilson

Joe Douglas

Seth Womack

City Council Leader

Mary and Dave's Assistant

Aaron D. Moon 

Carly Christensen

Martin Swoverland

Kenneth England

Baxter Chambers

Micah Davis

Making Mansfield was written, designed, cast, recorded, and edited, by Nathan McWilliams, AJ Trent, and myself. This 19-minute radio drama aired on May 3rd, 2019 on 101.3 FM WBAA, an NPR-affiliate station.

Set in 2021, Mansfield is an antiquated Ohio town facing obsolescence. NeuraCorp, a rising technology company, is looking to expand production of the NeuraLink: an implanted computer interface linked to the brain. But is this steel town ready to embrace change? Our story follows the strained relationship of machine shop owner, Dave Ramsey, and 

Abi Wilson, a former employee returning to Mansfield as a NeuraCorp Representative.

©2020 John Chung