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These Shining Lives

Assistant Production Sound Engineer

Sound Board Operator


Playwright: Melanie Marnich

Director: Emily Rollie

Sound Designer: Chris Carignan

I assisted the Sound Designer and Production Sound Engineer (PSE) during load-in, calibration, level check, and loud-out for the production. I also shadowed the PSE throughout the process and took over as needed. As Sound Board Operator, I was also responsible for QLab playback, wired/wireless com units, and general troubleshooting/maintenance of the sound system during the show run.

The play follows Catherine Donahue and her coworkers in Ottawa, Illinois in the 1920s. Based on their true story, the women searching for independence in a male-dominant world slowly fall ill while employed to paint watch faces with radium. They fight for justice against the Radium Dial Company in the face of personal, economic, and social pressure of the Roaring 20s. To quote Director Emily Rollie, the play "encourages us to see our shared humanity" through moments of happiness and hardship,

Production Photos


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