The Gravity of Reality

Multiple Venues

Indiana, Ohio, and Georgia

January-April 2019

Myself (bottom right) mixing playback and live-sampling

Sound Board/Loop Station Operator

Director, Sound Designer: Jon Vanderkolff

System Designer: Aaron Beck

Multiple venues across Indiana, Ohio, and Georgia

As Sound Board and Loop Station Operator, my responsibilities included playback operation, live mixing with a Roland M300 V-Mixer, live-sampling with a Boss RC-505 Loop Station, and general maintenance of the portable sound system.

The 2019 production for Bluecoats Indoor, The Gravity of Reality, performed across Indiana, Ohio, and Georgia. Bluecoats Indoor competed in the Independent World division of Winter Guard International (WGI) and concluded with the WGI World Championships held in April at the University of Dayton Arena.

Production Photos

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